Money Transfer System

OMTS (Online Money transfer System), Granot's Web-based money transfer platform, was first released in 2000, and is now used by hundreds of money transfer agencies in over five countries worldwide. We offer our customers a mature, reliable platform that brings together the latest in technology with a profound understanding of the unique challenges facing money-transfer enterprises. Offering a complete money-transfer lifecycle management, OMTS takes care of business - from efficiently and rapidly treating a first-time money-sender, through texting senders upon payment, to keeping records balanced, currency-rates up to date and commissions flawlessly calculated.

Money transfer agencies operating with OMTS enjoy an online money-transfer platform that is trustworthy, extremely easy to manage and unrelentingly secure. Last but not least OMTS offers incomparable adjustability and a highly advanced permissions mechanism that give our customers excellent control over the way in which business in conducted.

Leading Features

Multi Currency Operation: send/receive money in any currency. The system considers Buy and Sell margins when currency exchange rates are applied; transfers can be received in one currency, commission calculated in another and payments paid in a third currency, and all is performed completely automatically.

Compliance & Regulation: OMTS has been audited by the New York State Banking Department. Operations are constantly monitored for aberrant transfers.

Organizational Structure: Teller, Supervisor, Manager, and Executive roles are predefined, complete with responsibilities and permissions.

Operational Segregation: activity is segregated on the basis of Branch, Group, and Region,

Financial Control: individual agent balances are kept, together with turnover by employee.

Goods and Services: managed by a dedicated module.

Business Continuity Plan: the system includes a remote replication service which is updated to the most recent transaction.

Enhanced Connectivity: connecting with 3rd parties managed through an inbuilt gateway interface to external financial institutes (such as other money transfer businesses).

Reports: a wide range of reports operational, managerial ,accounting, and financial reports.

OMTS can be purchased or taken advantage of through a lease program. Contact for support team with any question about the Online Money transfer System; a swift and thorough answer is guaranteed.
Download Manual [PDF]

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