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Triple & Movers SCAM SCAM SCAM  
Bait and switch, Thugs, Liars, Elder abuse. You name it they`ll use any tactic they can to rob you blind Please don`t use this company unless you want regrets to last for months If you have a problem with them Like my hostage situation call--- the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, U. S. Department of Transportation, 1200 New Jersey Ave, SE, Washington, DC 20590, Consumer complaints 1-888-DOT-SAFT

Posted by: lisa  
You are the best moving company I have ever move with  
Thank you Triple 7 Movers for make my move success. You are the best moving company I have ever move with; very professional, reliable, courteous and very honest. 

Posted by: John Humfrey  
Vegas to Florida  
it was average. not many items were moved so nothing was took longer than I anticipated. 

Posted by: Horace Driver  
Elderly Beware Rip Off  
This is the worst company. They make you buy boxes from them.I have never bought boxes from a moving company. They started moving my stuff on their truck then they informed me that I had to buy 100.00 -200.00 worth of there boxes or they wouldn`t move these items. The items were clothes. I was charged 105.00 for 7 boxes. I told them I didn`t want there boxes. When they realized I was on a budget, they stopped moving me and told me that they didn`t want to have to keep my stuff . I told them I wasn`t refusing to pay just that I wasn`t going to ...
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Posted by: jackie griffin  
Triple 7 Ruiners  
Prior to choosing Triple Seven Movers, we scrutinized their business, which had good to excellent ratings. They were contacted and sold us a moving package, which did not include the optional insurance. We were reassured by the Better Business Bureau ratings, five star customer reviews on various websites, and by the encouragement of the sales staff, that our possessions, which included many antiques, would arrive safely.
In our previous moving experiences, small items were damaged, which we consider unintentional and somewhat probable.
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Posted by: Rob Robinson  
Triple 7 wasn`t the cheapest mover, but I had a better feeling about their salesman than some of the lowballers. They arrived on time to load, but re-packed several boxes I`d packed. By the time the foreman tallied up the expenses they`d claimed over 600 in additional materials, even though the volume of the shipment was within 1 of the estimate.

Unloading was where they really dived- the driver/foreman missed his delivery window date, then proceeded to unload the truck without marking off his bill of lading. when I asked I was told there wa...
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Posted by: Patrick McIntyre  


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