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Great job guys.....  
well if you are ever planning to move and are confused with what compney to use.The company that treated me like a person was Amerisouth Relocation. From the moment i spoke with the sales department i was treated with respect and also was explaned everything in detail about the move and how the proccess worked..everything was on time no extra hidden charges were givin to me at my final drop off..i moved to jersey city and they were great with dealing with parking a 28 foot truck..they are a amazing moving company.... i was very stressed out abo...
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Posted by: Ryan  
Wow that was easy....  
I just moved with this company a few days ago and it was a great experance. I called the company 2 weeks before my unplanned moved and they worked with me every step of the way. I was very scared of moving because i know a lot of things can happen when your putting you life in someone elses hands. They gave me a great price and even helped me with packing at a low cost. If I ever move again this is the company I will go with. Thank you again Amerisouth.... 

Posted by: Melissa  
Amazing Service  
Amerisouth has to be the best moving company i have ever used hands down. They were punctual, affordable, and very conscientious with my furniture. I absolutly loved their positive attitude and their willingness to work and listen to what i have to say. Most moving companies work like robots just loading and unloading but Amerisouth actually talked to me like a real person not just another customer. I would recommend this company to anyone and everyone that is moving. They were superb 

Posted by: Krystal  
Not professional at ALL  
I was quoted for 1,000 CF to move from Norwalk, CT to Smyrna GA. The day of the move, the movers said to me that the price was going to change but that they couldn`t tell me the exact price until everything was inside the truck, they started to pack my belongings and when they had a few things loaded in the tuck they said they were going to charge me for the packing supplies, I immediately told them to stop everything while I got some boxes from the store next door, when all the furniture was loaded in the truck they said it was going to cost ...
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Posted by: Natalia  
Great customer service  
I hired Amerisouth moving because i got promoted a job in New york,I was very nervious because its the first time I would hired a movind company.
The sales.rep(Giselle) was very nice and she answer all my questions,i felt she was honest.
She called me the day prior to confirm time on the move date, the movers got there on time,the informant explain the paper work,they packed everything very well,I thought,I did pay extra for package materials but i felt secure my belongings were packed properly.the movers were very nice when it became to my d...
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Posted by: andrea c. collins  

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