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Exceded Expectation  
Our family is so grateful for our move from Kentucky to Texas. The move was not a easy move for our family but Compass Van Lines made it go smoothly.From packing our moms precious things and delivering them to her new home in Sun City. TX
She is settled into her new home and is quite happy even though grand dad is not here with us.


Posted by: Bett  

Great Job Compass  
The movers got here a little late but worked quickly. The handled my things professionally and wrapped everything better than I would have if I`d of moved myself. That alone made it worth, plus not having to do all that work was an obvious perk. I`m much happier with the service I received this time than the last move. I almost didn`t use a mover at all. I`m glad I did. 

Posted by: David  
Its all Done  
Moving over spring break is not fun but Compass Van Lines made it easier for me and my family. I have two little girls and wasn`t looking forward to a move but they answered all my questions and helped so much by packing some of the items I didn`t have time to get done.
The moving guys worked very hard and were pleasant to speak too.
If you are in need of a good moving company use them they are awesome.

Sall L 

Posted by: Sally L  

Worthy Moving Company  
Moving with Compass Van Lines was probably one of the smartest decisions I have made. They were easy to work with and comfortable. Everything was accessible; customer service, information, insurance, moving equipment, special services, moving tips and help. They are a very organized company and we would definitely use them again. They made the moving process quick and simple. Excellent company. 

Posted by: Kimberly H  
Success guys  
Compass Van Lines delivered my items on time, and that was the biggest deal. I was super nevervous about living in my new place without any of my stuff, but all that worrying was for nothing. They got my stuff there even earlier than they said, which was great Nothing was broken and the sales staff was really nice and answered all my questions. I thought I was being annoying asking so many questions but they didn`t seem to mind one bit. This was a good experience and now I have my stuff here in my new home and I have Compass Van Lines to thank ...
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Posted by: Becky S.  
We liked Compass Van Lines  
Compass Van Lines completely exceeded my expectations. Our move went smoothley, cost only a little more than doing it ourselves would have, and nothing was broken. I`m not sure we could of said that if we would have moved ourselves It only took a little time over the phone to get a quote. There was a little more stuff than we had gotten on the quote, but I had forgotten to tell them about some of it, and it didn`t end up costing much more.

The delivery time took about as long as they said it would. There were no complications with getting a...
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Posted by: Colby B.  


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