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Do not hire They will nickel and dime you and leave your stuff on the street  
Do not use this company They will low ball their competition and then nickel and dime you to death. My original bid was for around $1,400 I was asking for two stops my house and my storage unit the woman on the phone said ohhh that is not problem . When moving day came my bid went from $ 1,400 to $2,100. When I asked why they would not have given me a price range so I could kind of know what to expect the man in charge told me they cant be to truthful on the phone because they would not get business. They apparently let a woman go because she was to honest with customers. When I told this to the company Lisa called me a liar. When the crew came to deliver my stuff to my house we dropped of half at the house then went to my storage unit. The ridiculous large truck they sent out was unable to get into the unit so they said give them $350 more or they would just drop all of my stuff outside on the ground. I had no more money for them so that is what they did. My stuff was damaged furniture is missing pieces. They snapped a leg off of an Antique table and said nothing. Sticky residue frome the tape was all over my wooden chairs. I was moving a small one bedroom apt it should not have been this much trouble. Do not use this van line they are super sweet in the beginning and pros at the fight you will have with them later. BAD BUSINESS

Posted by: Jennifer

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Destination: VIRGINIA
Items Missing: No
Items Damaged: No

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